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Slide Croatia Adriatic Sea Italy Lefkada Ionian Sea Greece Saronic Egee Locations Here are some of the places we can travel together. Prices differ depending on the boat type and the travel season.

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Croatia Adriatic Sea Greece Saronic Egee Lefkada Ionian Sea Italy
10 January 2020

My journey started six years ago, when I first went out on a boat. Since then, I became attracted to the idea of travelling around the world without borders. I obtained my skipper’s license in Croatia and shortly after that I graduated two advanced courses at Capetan Club, accumulating over 1.200 nautical miles so far. Every journey allows me to discover new & different surroundings, people and boats, things that fuel me with positive energy and make me want to spend as much time as I can by the sea.

21 January 2020

Since childhood, I have liked the idea of traveling and searching for new places and people. The idea of traveling by sea, though, in the unknown, is something special and you can understand it only if you live it yourself. I discovered my passion for sailing in 2017; shortly after that, I obtained a skipper’s license in Croatia and, since then, I haven’t missed a season out by the sea.

21 January 2020

When I first went out on a boat, I was fascinated by everything: the feeling of freedom, the landscapes, the navigation process, and I am lucky enough to share this passion with my close friends. After I obtained my skipper’s license in Croatia in 2017, I added sailing to my list of hobbies and now it has become a new way of living my life. Every trip by the sea turns into a unique and limitless experience.

21 January 2020

This is Sierra: our name, our story. Sierra is a journey that translates our passion for music into a different kind of experience. We find sailing as a reconnecting and sensorial experience by the sea, and we want to do it in our way - minimalistic and personal. Each of us has found in sailing the freedom of traveling without limits, navigating around the world while remaining at home. While our musical project Golan remains our anchor, Sierra is the passion that will navigate around it. Will you join us on the road?


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